Kashifuji, No. KN80, Fanuc 18iM, New 2002, 3.15" Dia Cap, Loader, Tailstock   Our stock number: 052311

Kashifuji, No. KN80, Fanuc 18iM, New 2002, 3.15 Dia Cap, Loader, Tailstock

Kashifuji KN-80 CNC Gear Hobber, New 2002
Serial Number: BP-501
80mm Nax Workpiece Dia
4 Module Max Pitch
200mm Max Axial Feed Travel of Hob Slide (Z-Axis)
/- 45 Degree Max Set Angle of Hob Head (A-Axis)
3 - 1000 Number of Teeth
150 RPM Max Table Speed
10 - 120mm Center Distance from Hob to Table
170mm Table Top Diameter
75mm Table Bore
330 - 630mm Distance from Table Top to Tailstock
110mm Dia x 180mm LengthMax Hob Size
NT 40 Taper of Hob Arbor
130mm Hob Shift Travel
200 - 2660 RPM Max Revolution of Hob (Infinitely Variable)
0.1 - 10 mm/T.Rev Axial Feed (Infinitely Variable)

0.1 - 10 mm/T.Rev Radial Feed (Infinitely Variable)
7500 mm/min Radial Feed (X-Axis)
1687 mm/min Hob Shift Rapid Traverse (Y-Axis)
6000 mm/min Axial Rapid Traverse (Z-Axis)
600 deg/min Hob Shift Swivelling Speed (A-Axis)

Equipped with Fanuc 18i-M CNC Control, Tailstock, Auto Parts Loader, Coolant System, Coolant Chiller
Lubrication Chiller, Misc Tooling

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